Hi,I have read skate it and I think it for sure potential to become a movie. I like Bitson in the book because he is brave and Robert because he was sorry for disobeying his mother. Great job, and I look to read more of whatever you write in the near future. I can't wait to see your product line.

Candy W.
White Lake, MI

I have not readed the book Skate It yet  but I can tell it is going to be a great book

BY Malon Gardner

I came to your book signing yesterday in Novi - I bought your book online and wanted you to sign it personally.  I believe mine was the first book you signed that day.
You signed it for Gabriel, my grandson who is only 3.  He will I am sure be happy for us to read it to him when he is a little older.  His daddy used to skateboard the streets of New York City, which is where he met my daughter.  He is mad about skateboarding and I am sure daddy will teach him when he is old enough.

Enjoy your skating and well done on the book!
Linda Boughton

Keep up the super job with your books!  It is so nice to see a young person working towards such ambitious goals.  Mom...you are a great example of how parenting can help a child put their dreams to reality. 

Best wishes to both of you.
p.s. Estin, both my husband and I are lefties! 

Good for you, Estin! Go after your dreams. That's what life is all about. And kudos to your Mom for supporting you in you many missions!

Julie Austin
A Southfield Mom

Wow! I'm lost for words, it is a really good book.

Tkrya Burton
Waterford, MI

its great it should become a movie

Dear young author,

I read about your book in the Oakland Press today and it made my day. It’s very uplifting to read about a young man who is driven at such a young age.
I just want to say keep up the good work.  I will put your site on my favorites and will return from time to time to checkup on you.  I am a Pastor at Louisville, Kentucky.I am also from Oakland County, MI.  I graduated from Pontiac Northern back in 1979.
I graduated June 4th, and left for the army June 5th.  I have two kids of my own and when I get home today I will share this story with them and my wife.
Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you and your family. P.S.  My Grandfather last name was also Baldwin.  He was born in Arkansas. Again, keep up the good work.  Michigan needs more good stories like this one.

Pastor Lee Alexander
Family Life Christian Church
Louisville, Kentucky

I am proud of you young man. Continue in your gift.


You are an inspiration to mothers everywhere. My son received the book for Christmas and didnt  put it down. Great job, Master Baldwin! We look forward to the next book.

Mrs Yolanda Jordan
Indianapolis, IN

Hi Estin,

I live in the Bay Area (northern California, near Oakland), and my 17-year-old son is a serious boarder. He has been skateboarding since he was about 8 years old, and now he posts videos on Youtube of himself and his friends doing tricks (they are listed under the name Systemax).I read about you and your book on the Internet, and I was so impressed that I just bought the book for my son. I know your parents must be very proud of you for taking on such a hugh challenge, but I'm sure you have always given them reasons to be pleased.

I want to wish you the best of luck in the future with your goals, and I hope you keep on skating!

Fairfield, CA