For Immediate Release                                January 11, 2010
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A nationally-recognized research firm has announced that 10-year-old Southfield author Estin Baldwin has made state and national history with the publication of his book Skate It, in 2009.

According to Dr. Thaddeus C. Radzilowski, President of the non-profit Piast Institute, Estin is the youngest published African-American author in America as well as the youngest author of any race in Michigan. The timing of this announcement comes just in time for Black History Month, when the accomplishments and historical achievements of African Americans are celebrated.

A very talented writer and artist, Estin wrote the original story for Skate It, which is about four diverse friends who share a common love of skateboarding. Using their common bond, they conquer many differences and hurdles, finally uniting as a team to compete in the prestigious "Skate It" national competition. 

Since the book's publication, Estin has been a busy young man. In addition to keeping up with his school work at McIntyre Elementary School, he has been featured in local media, interviewed by television producers about turning Skate It into a movie or cartoon series, and he will be seen in a March commercial for Joe Porter's, a Detroit business. His book will soon be in major outlets including Border's and Waldenbooks, along with local libraries and schools, and Estin has begun planning a second book, possibly released later this year.

He has also turned his attention to creating Estin's Enterprise LLC. The company will develop a line of signature products that help promote his philosophy, "If you can read, you can succeed!" Through this new company, Estin is achieving his goals of promoting literacy and entrepreneurship among young people around the world.

Estin has been writing and illustrating stories since the age of 6, according to his mother, Sunsaria Baldwin. He combines his love of sports, and particularly of skateboarding, with a strong desire to be a positive influence and inspiration for other young people. He
shares a message of positive values, perseverance and the advantages of goal setting in a way that makes Skate It a book that both kids and parents appreciate.


“I’m happy to be the youngest African American author in America, and I hope to inspire other kids to become authors," said Estin, who is known to friends and family as East. "I am also glad to get support from my parents who believe in me. I hope everyone who likes the most popular skateboarding sport would get my book."

Estin Baldwin looks forward to sharing his love of writing and illustrating with other children at book signings throughout the coming year, and in particular, during Black History Month. Dates, locations and other information will be posted at  To arrange a book signing event, an interview or a personal appearance contact Sunsaria Baldwin, 248.929.1254 or